Free 25 GB 4G Internet till 30th April 2016

Is it a Good news or Fake new? Yes, you read correct 25GB free $g internet data till 30th April announced by Gujarat Samachar to contribute in Digital India Plan and Digiindia2016trai.

In today new paper it is published that to promote digital India plan Trai/government will be providing this 4G free service on one month trial see the compatibility of 4G smartphone and network.

IMG_6293How to activate this 25 GB free 4G Internet?I have informed that it can be activated through specific server and customer need to send  SMS typing “Digiindia2016trai” (Space) your mobile number to automated server and in one hour you will receive confirmation and start using free 25 GB 4G internet.

Where to Send SMS?

This detail was not disclosed by source.

The validity of Offer?

It started from 1st April till 30th April.

I hope this is not April fool news by Gujarat Samachar as it has not mentioned full details.

PS: Please do not comment your  mobile number in the comment. When you do that privacy will be at the stack.

If you want to know more about Free Unlimited 4G internet click here


83 thoughts on “Free 25 GB 4G Internet till 30th April 2016

  1. It is one of most useful for the students why! because students will tack out for the previous question papers but it is not only useful for students more and many people
    Thank you for your team

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